Inviting people to be involved in God's redemptive story in our lives and in our community.

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Basically, we're less fond of mannequins; instead we prefer hanging out with actual people. We love God and think that He is letting us in on a slightly more intriguing story than the one that we would make for ourselves. We're on a search to figure out just what exactly this story looks like in our lives and in our city. As a Christian Church in Apache Junction, we welcome EVERYONE, from those who are interested in discovering who God is, to those who have gone to church their whole lives.

Come stop by on a Sunday morning, we'd love to get to know you. We meet just north of Hwy 60 in Apache Junction, Arizona. Scroll down for a map.

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What Is Centric?

What we do. Things we like. Things we dislike. Pretty much the things you'd want to know on a first date.

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