The people within our community are our main priority at Centric. We are seeking to be a church that is truly involved in Apache Junction. We believe that we can do this through the meaningful, long-term investment in opportunities within our community.

At Centric, we have chosen to invest our resources in a few strategic, long-term partnerships with needs in the Apache Junction community. We believe that genuine relationships are the most effective way for us to love our neighbors (John 13:34-35 NIV). Since we understand that we are unable to meet every need in our community, we believe that by focusing our time and energy in a few areas, we can make a much larger impact.

You may ask: "Does this mean you do not invest in other areas of need?" 

Certainly not. While we have chosen to focus our efforts, we approach every area of need with a willingness to assist. If we see a community need that is currently being unfulfilled, we will strive to assist with it. Furthermore, if we see another group of individuals (religious or non-religious) attempting to fulfill a need, we seek to embrace their efforts and partner with them in their mission.

Our Current Partnership | The Apache Junction Food Bank

Currently, we have the pleasure of serving on an ongoing basis at the Apache Junction Food Bank. Once per month, a group of volunteers donates their Saturday morning to aiding in the stocking of this emergency food bank that serves the Apache Junction community. In addition, we are working to further our partnership with this organization to host food drives, help refresh the facility, and provide entertainment and refreshments for the individuals waiting to be served.

See opportunities to live out this Community Centric value on our Events Page.

Click here to visit the Apache Junction Food Bank website.