Filters Week 2


The world constantly labels us as rich or poor, young or old, failure, success, ugly.....

Rather than letting our Instagram feed define our successes and labels, God invites us to use what's in our hands and trust him as we face giants. 

He says that you are loved, you were created for good works!

When David found himself in a valley, ready to face off with Goliath he didn't wear someone else's armor or carry someone else's weapon. Instead he picked up five simple stones and trusted God to do something great with what he had. 


Imagine - Our 2017 Campaign Sunday

When Nehemiah heard that Jerusalem was in disarray, he prayed and wept. His tears weren't over broken walls and buildings, but over his concern for people. The community of Jerusalem was in danger, but Nehemiah Imagined something better for them. He prayed, investigated and then did something about the problem.

We want to IMAGINE something better for the community of Apache Junction and the surrounding areas. The church is a community, a group of people moving together -connecting with God and people. In this message, we are invited to do our part in building a space that fosters community and connection in the form of a more permanent meeting space.

At the end of this message, we went on a field trip to our future location and made commitments of Time, Talent, and Treasure to provide a future space for us to use in order to better reach this community.

If you would like to give financially, click on the link below to give online and select 'Building Fund'.


Easter Sunday: Broken/Whole

Long after we shed our Easter bonnets and that new shirt you bought for Easter Sunday, we live most of our lives dealing with the messes life brings us. Whether you only found 11 hard boiled eggs during your Easter egg hunt or you turn on the news to see the next tragic story, life gets tough quickly.

The Easter story is a story of how God meets us in our brokenness, our mess, and makes us whole. When Mary Magdalene and the 'other Mary' made their way to the tomb that Sunday morning, they were expecting to prepare Jesus body for burial. Their hoped seemed gone.

Instead, they were met by an angel who told them that Christ has risen. Soon after, Christ himself greeted them. When we encounter the brokenness that life brings us, it's important to remember that Christ can make us whole!

Will you trust Christ with your brokenness, so He can make you whole?

Peter Do You Love Me?

In John 21, Jesus asks Peter if he loves him three times. Peter had denied Jesus just a few days before this conversation, yet here Jesus still invited him to feed his sheep.

God meets us where we are so that He can take us where He's purposed us to. All He requires from us is the willingness to "feed His sheep". To come along side people and pour into their lives and walk with them in life.

Underdog Series: Desert Karaoke

What's your favorite Karaoke Tune? Do people try to put you in a stereotype because Lady Gaga or Miley Cyrus is your favorite singer? What if Meatloaf isn't your Jam, but Frank Sinatra really is?

Your Karaoke playlist shouldn't define any church community. The church is made up of people of all ages, investing in each other, as they love God and love people. At Centric Church, we value all ages and are young at heart. Why? Because whatever your age, we believe that God is not finished with you yet!

In Luke 2, when Jesus was dedicated, it wasn't the priests and religious leaders that noticees the Savior had come, it was two senior citizens. May this message challenge us as we realize that we each have someone to invest in, to celebrate, to mentor.

No matter how old or young you are or may feel, God is not done with you yet.

Underdog Week 1: Scraps for the Dogs?

How often do you wonder if your life matters? The Bible is filled with stories of people that probably asked the same thing.
The stories of these seemingly insignificant people somehow end up in this world changing book, the Bible. Why? Because God did something incredible in or through them.
This first week, we look at the story of a woman who asked Jesus to help her daughter. In Mark 7:24-30, Jesus reached across a cultural divide to help her.
When we allow God to work in our lives, our world, our community, we discover just how much God loves us!
By the way, we think church should be fun too, so listen in on the dance off that we kicked this message off with.

Planted #1 Corn Mazes and Candy Corn

Have you ever gotten lost in a corn maze? I have, while the sun was setting and the moon was only a sliver. Luckily, I found my way to a lookout point in the middle so I could climb up and figure out how to get out. Sometimes, we need a map or a look out point in life too.

In Matthew 13, surrounded by a crowd of eager listeners, Jesus began to tell a story about a farmer planting seeds. He told them to listen close, to pay attention, if they wanted to understand what he was saying. Thankfully, Jesus also took time to explain his story to the crowd. What is growing in you during this season? Is it something God has planted? Are you allowing him to clean out the weeds and the stones from around your life? Are you welcoming and inviting God to keep growing it in you? Let Him be the master gardener.

Communitas #5 One Better

God can do more with six days than you can do with seven. In Matthew 12, we are reminded that God invites us to take one day a week to pause for worship, lean into time with Him and with Community. What if we each made this idea of celebrating the Sabbath a part of our lives on a weekly basis? What would happen to our families, our friendships, and most of all in our relationship with God?

Communitas #3 Biscuits and Bacon

Hospitality is a commen element in every flourishing community. Jesus ate with sinners, was accused of being a drunk, and most of all, He is celebrated for being present with humanity. Join us as we learn to follow in Jesus' footsteps by looking at three stories from Matthew 9:9-13, Luke 7:36-50, and Luke 10:38-42.

P.S. We don't really think Martha made bacon-wrapped dates (cause they're not Kosher, but we thought it was funny to imagine). 

Worth More than a Sparrow (Pigedy)

Worry and fear seem to infiltrate every part of our lives. From healthy fear of not touching a hot stove to fear that keeps us from stepping into uncertain opportunities. In Matthew 10:24-31, Jesus invites and even commands us to live unafraid of this world. After all, if God knows when a small sparrow falls to the ground, he certainly is watching over you.

How to Neighbor #8: You Are Special

We are more connected today than ever before. From sharing live videos on Facebook, to posting your most recent meal on Instagram, it seems like no one should feel lonely. Yet, we feel more disconnected then ever before. 

There is a story in the Bible of a widow who was lonely, ready to make her last meal. She had nothing left to live on. This story from 1 Kings 17 tells us how God used a man named Elijah to provide for her. God sees us in our loneliness, He sees us in our need and meets us right where we are. Will you be a part of God meeting the lonely in their darkest places?

How to Neighbor #7: Red Solo Cup, I Fill You Up

We so often disqualify ourselves from God’s love. I’m not religious, I didn’t grow up going to church… or we blame the places we spend our lives -wild parties, failures, dark depression, thinking that there’s no way God could love us. But he does, he walks right into our everyday lives and invites us to follow him. Matthew 9:9-13 tells us about a time that Jesus partied with a guy named Matthew and his friends, while the religious people though Jesus was a drunk, Matthew knew that Jesus loved him and his friends deeply. Red Solo Cup, I fill you up.

How to Neighbor #6: Happy Father's Day - A Father to the Fatherless

Again and again, the Bible uses the analogy of a father to describe God's love for us. In this message, we look at God's heart for the 19,000 orphans here in Arizona and provide ideas for ways to serve these orphans in our community.

A great organization that is working to end the epidemic of orphans in our community is Christian Family Care. Check out their website at to find out how you can team up with them. 

How to Neighbor #5: Do What You Can With What You have, Where You Are.


Each of us is unique and it is that uniqueness that God uses to help you love your neighbor. The book of Esther tells the story of a young girl, who against all odds, took one incremental step after another to save her people. Learn what the story of Esther has to do with learning how to neighbor well.

First, Esther had to move past fear to be willing to love her neighbor.

How to Neighbor #2: Chewbacca Masks and Evening Walks

In our culture, we wake up, put on our work clothes, even within the church, throw on our Sunday best and we show up wherever we’re going, yet rarely deal with who we are and what we’re going through.

What if, instead of trying to cover up our pain, our hurt, we aloud it to link us to others who are hurting in our community. The Bible tells us the story of a man named Job who lost almost everything. Rather than covering up his loss, he dealt with his grief head on. In Job 24, Job realizes that he exists within a community of hurting people.

Loving your neighbor well, dealing with your own hurt, so you can help others deal with theirs.

How to Neighbor #1: You Don't Have to be Drunk to Meet Your Neighbor

We go on missions trips, we dream of living out the great commission, but we often don’t know how to love the people next door to us. But first, you have to get to know who lives next door to us. Loving your neighbor might mean you travel to another country to build a house or throwing a party for an apartment complex with your church. Most of the time, loving your neighbor, simply means getting to know them, and engaging in life with them. As we look at Luke 10:25-37 and Matthew 28, we’re asking the question, how do you actually love your neighbor.