Easter Sunday: Broken/Whole

Long after we shed our Easter bonnets and that new shirt you bought for Easter Sunday, we live most of our lives dealing with the messes life brings us. Whether you only found 11 hard boiled eggs during your Easter egg hunt or you turn on the news to see the next tragic story, life gets tough quickly.

The Easter story is a story of how God meets us in our brokenness, our mess, and makes us whole. When Mary Magdalene and the 'other Mary' made their way to the tomb that Sunday morning, they were expecting to prepare Jesus body for burial. Their hoped seemed gone.

Instead, they were met by an angel who told them that Christ has risen. Soon after, Christ himself greeted them. When we encounter the brokenness that life brings us, it's important to remember that Christ can make us whole!

Will you trust Christ with your brokenness, so He can make you whole?