We've got three core values that we hold tightly to.


BIBLICALLY CENTRIC | 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Our approach to a relationship with Christ will be one that encourages a foundational, intelligent knowledge of the Holy Bible. We believe that a solid understanding of God’s Spirit-filled Word is of paramount importance for all Christ followers to seek after. We strive to be a group of people who not only knows what the Bible says, but also how and why it says it.



PEOPLE CENTRIC | 1 John 4:19-21

Simply put, we love people. We strive to be a church that embraces every person right where they are. Regardless of our different circumstances in life and in the different lifestyles we are living, we strongly believe that genuine relationship is the best way to show the beauty of God to those around us. We unashamedly welcome every single person in our church and in Apache Junction with open arms.




We see this idea as the foundation of Centric Church--that Jesus came to save everyone. Our goal is to be a group of people that is profoundly in love with our community. We're so in love with the idea that churches should do something for people that we've actually made a whole separate page for it. Click here.